How can I obtain files or special reports based on data from your site?

For information on obtaining datasets or special reports please visit our Custom Reports and Datasets section.

How do I know whether data are accurate? takes reasonable steps to report data as they appear in public use files. There are no warranties, however, regarding accuracy or suitability for a particular purpose.

Why aren't there more recent financial data for a hospital?

Cost reports are submitted to Fiscal Intermediaries about three months after the end of a facility's fiscal year.  The processing lag time is generally at least 6 months before it becomes available in public files.  During times of change in the Medicare program the processing times can be much longer.  We update our files once each quarter when public files are updated.  See Recent Updates for the number of hospitals by fiscal year following the latest update.

Why are some worksheets missing?

The green navigation bar shows all of the worksheets that are available for a hospital.  If a worksheet number is "ghosted" on the navigation bar it means that the hospital did not file the worksheet.  If a worksheet number does not appear it means that the worksheet is not available from the website.  Some worksheets are not included because data are not available from the CMS Healthcare Cost Report Information System dataset (HCRIS) or because the worksheets are seldom used.

What if I have technical questions about the data?

Questions about data can be directed to and will be answered as quickly as possible. We cannot answer general questions regarding Medicare cost reporting. Please note that there is a link in the upper-left corner of each worksheet to the most recent published instructions from CMS.

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