Data Sources

Worksheets, reports, and datasets are based on data obtained from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).   The Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) dataset contains the most recent version (i.e. as submitted, settled, reopened) of each cost report filed with CMS (formerly HCFA) since federal FY 1996. The dataset consists of every data element included in the HCRIS extract created for CMS by a provider's fiscal intermediary.

Cost reports are filed annually by facilities according to their individual reporting years and the HCRIS dataset is updated quarterly by CMS.  Cost reports are generally available 6-9 months from the close of a hospital's fiscal year.  Data is continually added to as it becomes available.  See Recent Updates for more information.

Replication of Worksheets
HCRIS data have been used to replicate standard worksheet formats based on current cost reporting procedures.  Please note that sub-lines and sub-columns may be combined in the process.  Also, please note that only the most commonly referenced worksheets are included.
Custom Datasets
Reports or datasets can be prepared according to your exact specifications.  Data from other sources can also be provided (e.g. MedPAR, OPPS, etc.).  Custom reports and data sets are prepared quickly and economically by experienced analysts.

How Does It Work?

Single Cost Reports

Look up hospitals and view available cost reports.  Open an account and purchase individual cost reports for $90 each.  Once purchased, you can login to your account and view worksheets online for up to 30 days.  Worksheets can also be printed or downloaded in both Excel and pdf formats.  If you decide to subscribe for unlimited access, the costs of singles cost reports can be applied toward your Annual Subscription for up to 30 days. <more>

Annual Subscription

Subscribers have unlimited access to all available cost reports for a full year.  Available cost reports are continually updated as new information becomes available.  Subscribers can look up worksheets online, print them, or download them in both Excel and pdf formats.  Subscribers also receive a 20% discount on any Custom Datasets. <more>

Custom Datasets

Reports or datasets can be produced to your exact specifications.  Custom reports and data sets are prepared quickly and economically by experienced analysts.  Economical, predefined datasets are also available for the most commonly requested cost report data. <more>