Prior Filings

After initial submission, cost reports may be amended, audited or otherwise updated. includes prior filings of 2552-10 cost reports (i.e. cost reports for period ending in or after 2011). Multiple filings are included in HCRIS data and are identified by their filing date and status. (If there are two filings within a quarter, however, only the latest filing is included in HCRIS.)

The Filing Date & Status pulldown on the Profile and in the header of each worksheet can be used to change to a different filing. When viewing a prior filing for a specific cost reporting period, any cells that vary from the latest available data will be shown in red on each worksheet. A red notice in each worksheet header will appear to remind that there are subsequent filings for the period (You are viewing a prior filing for this period). A red value in a cell indicates the difference between the prior filing and the latest filing. Cells containing a red ellipsis (...) have no data for the prior filing you are viewing, but will have data in the most recent filing. By hovering over a red value or ellipsis you can see a green popup that contains the value in the most recent filing.

The worksheet navigation bar has dropdown lists of individual worksheets and indicates the number of changed fields between the prior filing being viewed and the latest filing available for each worksheet. By clicking the worksheet buttons you can readily identify the individual worksheets with changes.